The world of social media can seem overwhelming, especially for business owners who may be strapped for time or funds. However, social media can be made easy and fun. And it’s worth it. A social media presence expands awareness about your business and helps further relationships with clients. People will often search for a business on social media platforms before they buy products or services. A business with a professional and popular social media page has that next level of legitimacy.

Start 2018 with the goal to either get started on social or improve your content. Here are some tips to help you tackle this goal.


Have an awesome quote or some news you want to share? Make it visual with websites like Canva, Stencil or another web-based graphic design tool. Or take photos and videos of your products, associates, and clients, and post them with the words underneath as a caption. People like pictures.


People trust their friends with references to businesses, so encourage your clients to talk about you on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Be active with your valued clients by posting about them, liking their posts or inviting them to like your page, and they’ll be more likely to post about your business.


Hear an interesting fact, inspiring quote, or engaging story that resonates with your business’s culture? Post it on your business’s social pages. Is it boring? Your followers might think so too, so leave it out.


Respond to clients publicly and quickly. If a client compliments your business, be sure to comment and thank them. If they post something not-so-good? Respond in a calm and thoughtful way, encouraging private communication to fix the problem.


If you don’t have time to post daily, that’s okay. Just make sure you are posting at regular intervals so you won’t leave your clients wondering “Where’d you go?” or blasting them with too many posts at once. Be sure to use your brand’s voice and unique personality in all your posts.

Take some time to map out your social media goals for the year, because it can only help your business—and we think it will.