If you need a little time to relax, but don’t happen to have the money or time it takes to plan a vacation, consider a staycation. Here are some tips to make the most of your time at home:

  1. Treat it like an actual vacation.

Use your vacation days—this means no working from home. And don’t feel guilty about it! This is your time to reboot guilt-free. Don’t check your emails, and try to keep technology and screen time to a minimum.

  1. Be a tourist in your own town.

Buy tickets to your team’s game, or check out a museum you’ve never been to, or haven’t been to since you were a kid. Pretend you have a guest staying with you and treat yourself to your city’s best restaurants, vantage points, and attractions. You can even keep it simple: pack a picnic and hit the park.

  1. Prepare to unwind.

Make sure you are prepared to relax. This may sound silly, but you can’t kick your feet up if there’s chores to be done. Wash the clothes you will be wearing and make sure your linens are clean—just like a hotel would. Buy any groceries you may need before your staycation. Writing an itinerary could be fun, too, so you won’t wake up wondering why you’re not at work today. You could even buy yourself some fresh flowers to decorate your home with.

  1. Switch up the routine.

Eat breakfast in bed, or enjoy a glass of wine on the patio. Do things out of the ordinary. If you don’t want to eat out for every meal, that’s ok, too. Consider cooking something exotic you’ve never tried before.

Sometimes, a vacation doesn’t feel all that relaxing when it is filled with complicated travel plans and lots of spending, then you end up feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation. But, everyone needs some time to let go of day-to-day tasks and do something just for fun. A staycation lets you enjoy more time at home and in your community. And most importantly, it allows time to do what you want. This may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but you’ll end up feeling refreshed and energized.