The holiday season is long over, but the cold of winter is in full swing. This is the time of year when people start dreaming of their next getaway—Spring Break. But this vacation time doesn’t always seem like a break when you’re stressed about all the spending that comes with it. Here are some ways you can really relax on your trip this spring:

Find the cheapest flight from your phone

Try the app Hopper to find the best deals on flights. You’ll save time and money with this app, as it does all the research for you to find the lowest fares. It also predicts future airfare prices to tell you the best time to buy tickets.

Borrow a home

Have friends or family that live in your destination? Chances are, they could be traveling for spring break, too. If they have an unoccupied home, ask about staying at their place for a couple nights, and save $100 or more per night.

Bring your own food

One of the best things about vacationing is trying the local cuisine, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat out for every meal. Packing snack foods, easy ingredients, or booze if you’re over 21 can save you money that you could be spending on concert tickets, outdoor activities, or even a nice meal at the end of the trip.

Spend the night outside of touristy areas

Consider staying outside of the center of your destination. Oftentimes, bed and breakfast houses further away from the main drag offer discounts and a quaint experience.

Rent bikes

If you’re traveling somewhere warm, consider renting bikes to get around. This will save you money on a rental car, encourage sightseeing, and provide some exercise, too.